Live at Slane Castle is a DVD released in 2003. It features live tracks performed during their live show at the Slane Castle in Ireland, during the By the Way Tour.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Intro
  2. "By the Way"
  3. "Scar Tissue"
  4. "Around the World"
  5. "Maybe" (The Chantels cover, John Frusciante solo)
  6. "Universally Speaking"
  7. "Parallel Universe"
    • "Latest Disgrace" by Fugazi used as intro.
  8. "The Zephyr Song"
  9. "Throw Away Your Television"
  10. "Havana Affair" (The Ramones cover)
  11. "Otherside"
  12. "Purple Stain"
  13. "Don't Forget Me"
  14. "Right on Time"
    • "London Calling" by The Clash used as intro.
  15. "Can't Stop"
  16. "Venice Queen"
  17. "Give It Away"
  18. Flea and Chad trumpet/drum jam
  19. "Californication"
  20. "Under the Bridge"
  21. "The Power of Equality"
  22. Outro

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